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The Wyoming Justice Project supports reform and measures which will provide more oversight and accountability for the decisions and actions of prosecutors. We need to find a better approach to deciding who and who does not get charged with criminal offenses. Judges and not prosecutors should play the primary role in deciding who and who does not receive deferred prosecutions.

Prosecutors have too much power and little accountability. Prosecutors actually have more power than judges. Prosecutors decide whether or not a crime will be charged. They decide what charges to file. Then a prosecutor will negotiate a plea agreement. More often than not, a judge will honor the terms of a plea agreement unless there is a compelling reason to go against it.

Only between 90-95% of court cases actually go to trial. So in over 90% of cases, the prosecutor wields a ton of power in deciding how an offender is sentenced. While prosecutors take an oath and have ethics they are to abide by, they are humans. Unfortunately, they can and do let their biases and agendas enter the decision making process in deciding who and what to charge.

Prosecutors misusing their authority in order to keep their elected post need to be reigned in.

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